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"The first time we attended a marriage conference we said to each other, 'That presenter did a great job but where was his wife? We would have loved to hear from her also.' Little did we know that desire would eventually become the passion of our professional lives." Bill and Pam Farrel have a unique ability to speak together. With seamless transitions, natural timing and contagious energy, they inspire audiences around the world to live better, laugh often and love skillfully.
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The Farrels' specialty is marriage retreats and they offer a number of different themes based on their best-selling books. All of their messages can be formatted for a full weekend, a one day seminar or a stand alone message. Their topics can also be formatted to fit a wide variety of audiences, including leaders, pastors, business and motivational settings, and outreach. They are ready, individually or together, to speak on any of the books they have authored. Their humor, practical Biblical insights and easy going yet enthusiastic presentations are always a hit. They will inspire, encourage and equip.

Bill & Pam signing books at Olivet UniversityBill & Pam's Most Popular Topics Include:

Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti
From their best selling book by the same title, these messages take a humorous and practical look at basic gender differences. The audience will learn how to:

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Red Hot Monogamy
From their best-selling book this title, these messages take couples on a tasteful and thorough journey through the key elements that create intimacy in long term marriage relationships. Since a sexual relationship is one of the things that makes marriage different than all the other relationships in life, couples will be guided in their own discovery of how to:

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The Marriage Code
Based on the book by the same title, couples will be introduced to the principle that all relationships operate around a line of trust. If you are above the line of trust, your relationship will work smoothly and cooperatively. If you are below the line of trust, almost anything can become a conflict. This seminar will help couples get above the line and stay there most of the time as they:

10 Best Decisions Every Parent can Make
Bill and Pam give practical wisdom for raising children cradle through college in this seminar of time tested wisdom from their years in youth ministry, family ministry as well as from their own experience as parents. Packed with tools, this conference or workshop walks parents through all the vital decisions needed to help children reach their God -given potential. Special attention is given to dealing with challenges of the strong\willed, or special need child, as well as the hard to motivate or natural leader. Parents will walk away knowing what their children's unique strengths are to build on and potential pitfalls to overcome. Bill and Pam will help you:

Other topics include: The Best Decisions a Couple Can Make, Single Men are like Waffles, Single Women are like Spaghetti, and Ministry-Minded Marriages. To discuss these or other ideas you have for your group,
call Bill and Pam at (800) 810-4449.

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