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What people say about "Red Hot Monogamy"

"Read together as a couple, especially if you're not sure how to communicate with each other in this very sensitive, intimate area of your marriage. This book is a great way to get those lines of communication open and help you to make your love life better than it already is.... It's a great book, very open, and encouraging!!!"
— Kristi Wolf

"If you want to fire up your married sex life, read this book. Everything you want to know is here, including the how-to's. The is the one book to buy about having great sex with your spouse–written for the husband and wife both.."
—Janet McHenry

"My husband and I have been married for many years but learned A LOT from this book! I wish we'd had it when we were newlyweds. (It would make a great wedding shower gift)

Bill and Pam Farrel know what they're talking about and share their knowledge with humor and encouragement. Red Hot Monogamy showed us how to relax, reconnect, and rediscover our romance!"
—Nancy C. Anderson