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Her Best Friend is a collection of ideas for men who want to work on being great friends with their wives. We understand that the foundation of a long-lasting, high quality marriage is friendship. A wife who is convinced her husband is interested, curious and fascinated with her will be continually be attracted to her husband.GoogleIcon

We also recognize that many men struggle to come up with ideas that will feed into that friendship. We, therefore, have created a resource that will deliver to the motivated husband one idea per day with ways to make a friendship investment in the most intense relationship in his life.AppleIcon

Every idea in the collection is based on relationship research. That doesn’t mean, however, that every idea will work for you. Your wife is a unique creation with a unique collection of characteristics, motivations and emotional responses to life. Some of these ideas will fit who she is and how your relationship operates. Some of these idea will be good for other relationships but won’t apply to you and your wife. Feel free, therefore, to ignore the ideas you are not interested in while you integrate the ideas you have confidence in.

Our goal is that you do more to build your friendship with the app than you would have done without it. In fact, we hope you find 100 ideas you can use over the course of the year.

Our other goal is to keep things simple. This is not a research project for you. It is not therapy. It is not the start of a new file cabinet for you. It is a simple, daily journey. We encourage you to follow these simple steps:

  • When your phone (or other device) alerts you that a new idea has arrived, take time to read it.
  • Ask yourself, “Do I think this idea fits my relationship with my wife?”
  • If it does, put the idea into action.
  • If it doesn’t, simply ignore it.
  • Start the process over each day. (You can save the ideas you like if you want but you don’t have to because a new idea is coming tomorrow.)

Congratulations on becoming a man who is seeking to be his wife’s best friend!

To get started, either search the app store with your phone for Her Best Friend or click one of the links below.



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