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Wow Him for Dad’s Day: Fan his Heart Adventure

We love because He (God) first loved us.We were interviewed by a magazine on how to keep the fun in marriage. In 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband: Put a Smile on His Face  book, I give many ideas, and one is to simply encourage your husband to PLAY—to go on an adventure he has longed to do or enjoyed growing up.

Wow Idea:

Ask your man:

What did you do with friends while growing up? (Maybe he enjoyed things like bike rides, skateboarding, water or snow skiing, jet skiing, camping, rock climbing, hiking, board games, dancing, kite flying, Frisbee throwing, miniature golf. Anything he loved when he was young could bring some fun back into life today.)

Ask his friends or family
(if you want to surprise him for Father’s Day):
What were some of his happy memories or most joyful days?
Did he have a big accomplishment that he might want to relive?
Did he have any hopes, dreams and goals that he had as a youth that he has yet to try or accomplish?

Wow Wisdom:

Fill his emotional storehouse! In the Bible, Joseph was elevated to second in command of Egypt because of the wisdom used to save for seven years so there would be a surplus in times of famine (Genesis 41). If you store up happy memories, when tough times come, your husband will find it easier to see the cup as half full and picture you as a friend not a foe.

We love because He (God) first loved us.Wow Date:

Take your mate back to his boyhood. Invite your man out by attaching a note to a fishing pole, Ping-Pong paddle, or wrist rocket. Or inside his Father’s Day card, give him that adventure he has always hoped to have: riding in a race car, herding cattle like a real wrangler, flying a plane, etc.   

You’ll find Bill and I in a boat, fishing or sailing or paddling. Where will we see you and the husband God has called you to “Wow”?

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