Want a Blessed Life?

Monday, June 6th, 2016

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Often I hear, “I want God to bless my life”, and the key to God putting his hand of goodness and favor over your life is found in Psalms 5:12: “For it is You who blesses the righteous [woman/man}, O LORD, You surround [her/ him] with favor as with a shield”  (Ps 5:12)

In 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman, I explain that it is wise to desire to be under God’s umbrella of blessing. Yes, storms come (we are either in a storm, have just been through a storm, or see a storm approaching) but God promises to be a “shield” and grant favor to the “righteous” (upright; person seeking to live in integrity with God’s plan)

I recently signed my 45th book contract for wonderful Bible Study in the Psalms hope in psalms pam sign(by Jean E Jones)  that will incorporate with the study creative interactives, coloring pages (by Karla Dornacher), the option of creative writing as well as Bible Art Journaling (so if you like Illustrated Faith, you will like this one!) I am writing practical “Power Step” devotionals for each chapter, that will help YOU experience the power God can give YOU when YOU dig into God’s Word. (Join our Creative Biblical Expressions (TM) Facebook group and be a part of a community of women who love art and the Bible)

umbrella of blessing psalmHere is a drawing of how I picture God’s umbrella of blessing. When we walk in step with Christ, seeking to walk in righteousness, God is our shelter in the storm. He is with us.  And God promises to grant favor over our lives as we seek to follow Christ with all our heart.


Keep under God’s Umbrella of Blessing, one upright step at a time!

pam bill red umbrella rebeccaPam Farrel is author of 45 books, and loves Creative Biblical Expressions (TM)




What’s On Your Desk?

Sunday, April 10th, 2011


“Your worth to God in public is who you are in private.”

                                                      – Oswald Chambers 

This quote reverberated in my soul as I read it as a young leader when I penned my book Woman of Influence. Our integrity matters. I always taught my children, “Integrity is who you are when on one but God is watching.” And today I add, “and integrity is who you are when the entire world is watching—like on Facebook!”  Helping women hold on to their integrity is one of my life’s goals because so many women, so many leaders, have unraveled their own lives by choices made. Having an unguarded heart is dangerous. Proverbs  4:23 is clear, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (NIV) 

 In Woman of Influence a few of the chapters really help with integrity issues, including the one on intimacy with God where I list of “31 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time”. Here is a link to a mini article on Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time.

Integrity Reminders

On my desk are a few items to help remind me of my need to hold on to integrity:

  1. My Bible- with pens and study aids to dig in for that daily wisdom I need.
  2. My Laptop- so I have quick access to research on Bible questions so I can apply knowledge so it hopefully turns into wisdom that will protect my life, my family, my ministry and God’s reputation.
  3. A compass given to me by a mentor to remind me to let God lead my path. I want God’s voice to be the loudest in my life so I always know true north and let Him give direction.
  4. Photos of my husband, family, my staff, mentees, and mentors – so I can see the faces I would crush and disappoint if I had a moral failure. All my choices impact someone else.
  5. A frame with verses of integrity facing me (but underneath are articles and names of fallen Christian leaders ) to remind me I want to be like the verses can see and be under God’s umbrella of blessing, not one of the names who chose to walk away from God’s plan and path. In my book Woman of Confidence, I offer scriptures strung together like this by topic, (including integrity) which can be helpful to use to pray over your life.  
  6. A turtle- Why a turtle? If you were to walk along and see a turtle sitting on a fence post, what should you ask? How did it get there? Turtles can’t climb. Someone had to put it up on that post. In the same way, every leader has a platform and God put you there, and He can just as easily take you down—just look at King Saul as one vivid example.  The turtle reminds me to “Humble myself under the mighty hand of God and he will exalt me at the proper time.”  When I train a woman to be a leader, author, speaker—I have a long list of rigorous training and equipping she must complete, but upon graduation from Circle of Influence, I give her a turtle for her desk too. 

What’s on your desk?


I Have Your Back

Friday, March 18th, 2011


Don’t you love those friends who truly watch your back? You know the best friend who sees you have lipstick on your teeth, spinach caught in your smile, or tell you if your shoe caught some toilet paper in the ladies room? I appreciate friends who want me to succeed, and want to save me from hurtful moments of pain, embarrassment or mistakes that might harm my reputation or scar my marriage, ministry or family. I feel like Sam Rima and Gary McIntosh are those kind of friends. For YEARS I have been recommending their book, Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership to those of us in any kind of leadership, from church, community or business roles to our role as mom. All women lead in some way.

Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership answers questions like: Why would President Clinton risk everything for a tryst with Monica? Or “How can a billionaire like Tiger Woods be tempted to do the things he did with so many women and put all his hard work at risk?”  Or one we might ask as women who lead: Why do women we have invested in and trusted as leaders suddenly become a “walk away wife” and ditch their marriage and kids?”

All my mentees and each of my own children in college are required to read  Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership and discuss the results of the inventory, then create a plan to address their darkside in order to protect their own leadership. We all have a sin nature and I appreciate Sam and Gary creating a practical book which includes a test to identify your darkside so we can all safeguard the ministry God has entrusted to us. (We went to seminary with Sam so I feel even better recommending this resource because of the great foundation we all received at Talbot/Biola and the many years since that we have seen Sam and Gary walk with integrity).