Bill's Speaking Topics

Bill SpeakingBill Farrel has been impacting lives for twenty five years as a Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, radio talk show host, community leader and sought after conference speaker. Bill along with his wife Pam have authored more than 38 books, including their best-seller, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti. His latest book, The Ten Best Decisions a Man Can Make, is helping men learn how to be wiser in leading their lives, their families and their circles of influence. Bill has also begun a new video ministry, Love-Wise Resources, and the first project produced is a Small-Group curriculum for The Ten Best Decisions a Man Can Make. Bill has a unique ability to make biblical principles simple and practical so the average man knows how to live them out in his daily life. He has been married to the same woman for 30 years and has raised 3 young men who love Jesus and athletics. He earned a Masters of Divinity from Biola University and his favorite motto in life is, "May God do through you what is beyond you!"

His most popular topics for Men's Events are:

The Best Decisions a Man Can Make
Decision-making is one of life's greatest challenges. Bill presents practical principles and
inspiring stories that help the hearer build solid decision-making skills and challenge men to live lives that count. Men who attend this seminar will:

  • Learn how to build confidence in their decisions.
  • Get the advantage in life of being God's friend
  • Sense God's approval.
  • Enjoy the time they spend with your wives and kids
  • Find a career and hobbies that are exciting.
  • Get along with the people who matter most.

A Real Man in Real Life
Bill will take the audience through a survey of the life of Moses. They will discover that Moses was a man of courage, vision and adventure. At the same time, they will discover that Moses was a man of discouragement, disappointment and daily responsibility. Men who attend this seminar will:

  • Learn to ask the most important questions of life.
  • Define their personal adventure in life.
  • Become aggressively humble.
  • Be prepared for the tough decisions of life.
  • Learn how to recover from disappointments in life.
  • Discover steps for redefining their careers.
  • Gain wisdom for dealing with difficult people.

Pulpit Supply
Drawing from his 25 years of experience as a Senior Pastor and Small Group Pastor, Bill makes the perfect Sunday morning special guest for pulpit supply. He has a large collection of sermons that will inspire, encourage and challenge the audience. Just a few of the topics include: When God Stirs You Up (from the book of Ezra); The Jesus Strategy (How Jesus influenced others); The Pictures of Life (Lessons from the book of James); The Other Side of Spectacular (Life Skills practiced by Joshua). Contact Bill to discuss particular needs you have in your congregation – he probably has a message that will apply.