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What people say about "The 10 Best Decisions A Man Can Make"

“Bill Farrel exceeded all of my expectations and I am known for setting the bar pretty high. . . he did so in an engaging, humorous and sincere manner that facilitated an immediate connection.”
—Todd Swank, Chairman, Men’s Ministry Leadership Team, Foothills Bible Church, Littleton, Colorado

"There are 11 decisions to make, not 10, if you want to be a man of true strength and integrity. Decision #1 is to read this book and be intentional about the exercises to build these principles into your life. In classic Farrel style, Bill takes hundreds of major life choices and in simple to understand language delivers a practical list of Godly principles that have potentially life transforming application. Written with engaging personal illustrations and scriptural insight by a man that lives the things he writes, this book is a must read for any man serious about making a difference."
— Bob Feitl, Executive Pastor, Richland Bible Church

“Want to be a good man? Take advice from a good man. Bill Farrel has laid out an accurate and achievable format for men to succeed in all areas of their life (hint--the information on ‘why women are never content’ is worth the price of the book alone). I just wish someone had told me all this stuff when I was younger.”
— Rick Johnson, author of Better Dads Stronger Sons, and The Power of a Man

Bill Farrel’s “10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make” is packed with biblical and practical wisdom. Bill lives one of the most purposeful and influential lives of anyone I know and principles in this book, if lived out, can help any man do the same. His “10 Best Decisions” list includes some decisions that might seem surprising, but are right on true. We all want to be the best “us” we can be, and this book helps us get there!
— Jeff Carlsen, Executive Director, Cannon Beach Conference Center