"The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make"
Small-Group Curriculum

by Bill Farrel




The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make is an interactive, Bible based, DVD curriculum that deals with the real issues in men's lives. Men who experience the 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make will:
  • Grow in their decision-making skills.
  • Have more confidence in their decisions.
  • Develop stronger relationships.
  • Gain clarity in their goals.
  • Get inspired by God's dream for their lives.
  • Grow closer to God.

The curriculum consists of several interactive elements that have been proven to work in the lives of real men:

  • Practical, Biblical teaching.
  • Real men discussing the real issues of their lives.
  • Bill's adult sons talking about their own decision-making journey.
  • Individual Guidebooks to coach men through the experience.
  • Strategic discussion questions.

Everything you need to lead a small group study or take your own personal journey in decision-making is contained in the Resource Packet which includes:

  • Video Material (available in downloadable and DVD formats)
  • The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make book.
  • The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make guidebook.
  • Suggestions for leading a group.

Individual copies of the video, book and the guidebook are available. (Quantity discounts are automatically calculated).

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