The 10 Best Decisions A Man Can Make
Sessions 1-5

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The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make book

"The 10 Best Decisions A Man Can Make"

You have important decisions to make that affect your family, your career, and your influence. This book will improve your life one choice at a time with hands-on decision-making tools that will help you:
  • make better decisions with less stress
  • live more efficiently by discovering your personal pace in life
  • improve all your relationships
  • increase your influence in the areas that matter most
  • gain confidence to make deliberate, forward-thinking decisions

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Video Cover

"The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make Video 1-5"

Five video sessions that include practical, biblically-based teaching by Bill Farrel that focus on helping men learn how to make the decisions in life that count the most. Bill's adult sons (Brock, Zach and Caleb) share from their personal experience and real men discuss how they have wrestled with these vital areas of men's lives. Everything you need for a successful small group is here: Teaching, discussion questions, and practical assignments. (Choose version below)

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"The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make Guidebook 1-5"

Men learn more when they write down their thoughts. This guidebook follows the teaching in the video with fill-ins and space for personal notes to enhance the experience. Also included are practical assignments to help turn the information into everyday skills.


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