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Q: Red Hot Romance

A: Every memorable adventure has three things: the anticipation of going, the experience itself, and the lingering memories. Let’s look at how to make Valentine’s Day a journey to red hot love. Inspired by the effort we saw in King Solomon and his bride from Song of Songs in the Bible, here are few ideas from our book, Red Hot Monogamy, which might inspire you too. Before: The Invitation Make the invitation as memorable as the date itself by trying one of these ideas: If you hear “your song” on the radio, simply call his/her cell and hold your phone up to the speaker and let the song do the romancing. Create a photo postcard of the two of you and on the backside, write a thank you for an past special date and an invitation out to the Valentine activity. Make a public statement of your love. Rent a billboard, hang a sheet or banner over the freeway overpass, make a banner for the garage door, write in chalk on the driveway, paint it on a wall that you are going to be repainting anyway. Use inexpensive dime store Valentines to create a trail of clues that ...