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Q: Q: We want to avoid marital crisis. So how can we know how we are doing as a couple?

A: A: Each January, the President of the United States  gives a state of the Union address pointing out things that are going well and some suggested areas of improvement—then the debate, discussion and dialogue begins. In similar manner, Bill and I meet each January to review the state of our union. In our book, Red Hot Monogamy, we walk a couple through 8 vital areas of life that create marital intimacy, harmony and unity. Set a date this week and rate yourself 1 to 10 how you are doing in each area: (Download State of the Union: Red Hot Relationship Date Night worksheet) Social – Are you enjoying friendship with each other and those in your life? Financial – Are you stable now and do you have a plan you are working for your future? Recreational- Do you have a plan you both are working to stay healthy and happy? Vocational- Do you have a plan in place to help both of you grow and move forward in your career (education; volunteer work)? Parental- Are you on the same page as parents; do you have a plan to help you children reach their God- given potential? Emotional- Are you both calm, peaceful, stable, and ...